One of my colleagues and I found ourselves on the Lower East Side with some of our students. We decided to give the students the opportunity to found us back to our accommodation and to get food and surprise surprise my students decided to go to a burger joint. However, I was pleased to see they did not decide to go to a typical fast food joint.

Impossible Burger


Impossible Burger, American Cheese, Sweet Pickles, Red Onions, Green Leaf, Special Sauce, Brioche Bun

There has been so much talk about the Impossible Burger that I decided to give it a try. Overall the burger was really nice. I loved the cheese, sweet pickles and the special sauce. The brioche bun was nice but I would have prefered the burger in a normal bun. The meat patty was nice and interesting even though the patty is all plate-based. I decided to go medium rare and was interesting how the patty was still pink in the middle. It tasted like meat and generally had the texture to meat. Overall an interesting but great burger

Onion Rings & Sweet Fries


I decided to try both the onion rings and the weet fries. The onion rings had a really nice coating and crisp. They had a nice seasoning, the onions were nicely cooked and sweet. The sweet fries were nice and crisp and very natural. They were nicely seasoned with salt. Overall really good sides.

Boyland Bottling


This is a New York based soda company. The drinks are really nice. The Coke is made with sugar cane and made a nice flavour. I also tried the Ginger Ale and although ginger ale is very different compared to NZ version. It was nice and had more ginger flavour to the drink.

Overall this is a great place. The Lower East Side branch is rated quite highly. However, the other joints not so much. The service was pretty good and although it is slightly more on the expensive side it still is a good feed. I love how they have a vegan option and I was surprised that I ended up eating a vegetarian meal.

Address: 173 Orchard St, New York

Website: Bareburger