We were travelling between New York and Washington D.C. and we needed to have a break and our bus driver decided to stop at a Rest Stop and we thought it was a good time to also get lunch. I decided to try Nathan’s as they sold themselves to have fried chicken.

Original Buffalo Boneless Wings



When I got to order, we discovered that they had no fried chicken except for boneless wings. So I decided to order these. However, it was a huge mistake. The chicken pieces weren’t even wings and were breast meat. The coating was soggy and the buffalo sauce was alright, but overall a really bad decision to have this.

Mac n Cheese


When I took the lid off. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This looked terrible and so not appetising. I had to force myself to at least try some and it was tasteless and horrible.

Crinkle Cut French Fries



These were soggy and not seasoned. I cannot believe how terrible this was. I didn’t even finish them.

I was in two minds if to write something about this place.  This food was absolutely terrible. I cannot believe a busy can sell food like this. I am aware they were busy, but I cannot believe that every item I ordered was just terrible. I will never eat anything from this company again.

Website: Nathan’s Famous