Spent the day at Universal Studios with the students running wild and us teachers reliving our youths. Us teachers decided to meet up for lunch and decided to try Three Broomsticks in the Harry Potter World. This place is pretty decked out in detail and pretty cool to have a meal here. Cusine is mostly British based with elements of Harry Potter themed meals. I did make a comment out loud that the food is pretty English and the greeter at the door corrected me and said: “well it is pretty Scottish”. But looking at the meal, I really don’t see a lot of Scottish influence in there. Silly American talking in a British/Scottish accent

Seasonal Favourites: Sunday Roast Sandwich


Freshly Baked Baguette filled with warm Prime Rib, Caramelised Onions, English Cheddar, Horseradish Sauce and Homemade Garlic Pickles served with Potato Wedges

This was really nice. The baguette was warm and had a nice crunch to it. The prime rib although sliced into thin pieces was really nice. The cheese was melted on top and I loved the horseradish sauce spread onto the baguette. Overall a really nice sandwich and reminds me of a slightly leftover roast sandwich. The pickle was really nice and very tart and cleansed the palette. The wedges were alright. They could have been crisper as they had been sitting too long before being eatten. Overall though a really nice dish.

Butterbeer Potted Cream


This was really interesting. They had put fake cream on top and covered the potted cream with a thin downed honey sauce. The mousse is very smooth and had a nice flavour to it with a nice caramel flavour. A really nice dessert but can be a bit too rich.

Pumpkin Fizz


Really nice and different. Had pumpkin actually in it with a bit of cinnamon. Tastes a bit like pumpkin pie but not so strong in the pumpkin. The fizz disappears pretty fast and just becomes a nice drink. Also, had flavours of apple and peach. Overall a nice refreshing drink on a hot day.

Although you are paying for the experience of eating here and even dining at Universal Studios. The food here was really nice. The staff are well trained to serve people really fast and minimise the waiting time. Food is served like a Fast-food joint but made to order. Once you get your food you then get given a table to sit at with your party. Overall a great experience with good food.

Address: Universal Studios – 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608

Website: Three Broomsticks