After a long days work some colleagues and I decided to go and get dinner. Some live near work and others like me live further away, so I suggested that we go to Chilis. Although I have never been before a lot of my colleagues go there after work to get a takeaway meal, but we decided to eat in and enjoy each others company. The menu is extensive and I decided to do my bit that evening in looking after our planet and go vegetarian.

Malai Kofta


Handmade Indian cottage cheese, potatoes and spices mixed together and then finished in hot oil and served with a creamy gravy made of crushed cashews and spices.

All curries here are served with a complimentary basmati rice, which I thought was a real bonus. The curry was really good.  I really loved the sauce and how the cashews were still visible and gave the curry some texture, instead of it being ground up into a paste.  I did ask for medium and I do not think even rattle my sensors. The Malai Kofta where really good and nicely cooked and season. Overall a really nice dish and highly recommend.

Garlic and Cheese Naan


Bread stuffed with crushed garlic and cheese baked in a tandoor

The naan was really nicely baked. The naan had a good amount of garlic and cheese and although I normally just order a garlic naan this was really good. The bread was not too heavy or thick and went really well with my curry.

Although I have worked in the area for over five years, I am now very surprised why I have never gone to have a curry at this place. It was absolutely brilliant and I will go back more often. It is so much better than Tulsi or Dawaat and it is locally owned and I think the food is cooked onsite, which I cannot say happens at a lot of curry places in Wellington. They seem to be busy with quite a few takeaways and next time I think I will follow suit and ring in an order and then take it home or back to work. However, next time I will ask for a spicy hot curry, not a medium.

Website: Chili Restuarant

Address: Shop 17 McMillan Ct, Newlands, Wellington