B1 and B2 were visiting Wellington for the weekend but were based in Kapiti. They asked if I wanted to drive up and have lunch with them at Burger and Brunch. I had never heard of the place and did some research and decided why not. I was excited to give them a try especially the poutine. The menu really played on the American diner idea but with a New Zealand twist.

Classic Cheese Burger


with sour pickles, cheese, onion and burger sauce

I thought if I was going to really try this place out, I should try their standard burger. So a cheeseburger it was. The burger did look quite small when it arrived and I was actually quite disappointed visually. However, my first impressions were wrong. The bun was nicely toasted on the inside and nice and soft. The pickles were really nice and had a bit of crunch to them, the cheese was good and I loved the small pieces of raw onion inside. The patty was cooked to my liking. It was nicely grilled on the outside and slightly crunchy but nice and pink in the inside. The patty had some great flavour to it. Then you add the mustard and the burger sauce and you have a fantastic burger. Also on the special board was a double patty version of this. I would have ordered it but I wanted to also have some fries.

Poutine with Cheese Sauce and Gravy


These looked good when they arrived at the table. The fries were nicely cooked and I loved the gravy that was on the fries. The cheese sauce was nice and thick and had a nice nutty taste from the cheese they used. A great dish of poutine.

Crisscuts Fries with B & B Mayo


B1 & B2 order these as a side and they were really good. They had a nice beer batter around them and had a good crunch. The aioli was good and went well with these wafers.

Although the service was slow before we ordered. The food came out quite fast soon after that. This place was pumping and seems like that it is quite a popular place with the locals. They also make doughnuts here and make crazy milkshakes which I think are slightly over the top. B1 ordered a milkshake and it looked like it was just loaded with sugar, which I would have happily ordered in my younger days. Overall a great place to eat and would like to go back again if I ever get the opportunity.

Address: 44 Seaview Rd, Paraparaumu Beach, Paraparaumu

Website: Brunch and Burger