Discovered this place through Social Media while I was in the USA. I was surprised to see there was actually I place in Wellington that makes these Japanese snacks and also matcha tea but even more surprised the local of the shop that makes them. Although the shop is in the middle of the CBD. You wouldn’t know it is there unless someone actually told you as the shop is located at the top of Plimmer Steps, which has only pedestrian access and up many steps.



They make three different Taiyaki and also a special one that changes every two months. The majority of the Taiyaki is sweet but there is a savoury option. The Taiyaki was cooked really nicely and had a nice crunch to it, but a nice soft inside.

Taiyaki Anko

Japanese Traditional Classic Sweet

This is the most traditional of them. The red bean was not too sweet and quite smooth but still had a few soft chunks of bean in it and not as smooth as I have had in a Chinese steamed bun

Taiyaki Chocolate

with Whittaker’s Milk Chocolate

This was my least favourite. I would have preferred this with dark chocolate as there milk chocolate mixed with the Taiyaki was a bit too sweet for me. However, it was still very good.

Taiyaki Cheesecake

Rare Cheesecake with Lemon

This was really different but actually really nice. I loved the lemon flavour and the lemon vest in the cheesecake mix. I think if you added this with ice cream it would have been fantastic.

Although this place requires a bit of effort to get too. If you are really lazy you can take the escalators up which are in the Plimmer building. The service is really good and you can watch the Taiyaki being made. They do have some in a warmer so you do not need to wait, but I prefer the ones that are freshly made. Overall a great snack to eat when you are in lower Lambton Quay.

Address: Shop 1, 5 Plimmers Steps, Wellington

website: Taiyakiwi Wellington