Soul Kitchen has just recently moved into Wellington City from it’s original premises in Porirua’s Cobham Court. It has taken up one of the pods in Courtenay Centrals Courtyard. I have talked up this place quite a bit to Pepper Potts and now that it is in the city I finally get her to sample the goods from this place. The menu has four different items and this was the first place that I would say out loud “I will have one of everything”. The menu is different from the original premises with no barbeque meats or waffles on offer, but who cares about that.

Hot Chicken Sandwich


This is such an easy eat. I loved this. The bun was really nice and soft and I loved the pickles and cheese in this burger. However, the best part was the fried chicken. It was really nice and juicy and had a really nice crisp skin to it. I love the spice mix in the burger and I love how there is a kick to it. The sauce they use goes really well, the pickles were great and I loved the American style sliced Cheddar cheese.

Whole Wings


These are some dam good wings. They are so crisp and tender. I honestly cannot believe how good the crunch is on these wings. The spice mix was fantastic. However, adding a bit of salt would have made these wings even better.

Elote Fries

These fries were awesome and nicely cooked. I loved the consistency of them and loved the polenta mixed with cumin. Sprinkled on top was some hard cheese with some kind of mayonnaise sauce. Overall a great side dish.

Shaker Fries

A great side if you do not want to spend a bit extra on the Elote fries. The fries were nicely cooked and the spice mix went really well with the crinkle cut fries.

If you are looking for the best Fried Chicken. This is where it is at. The Chicken Sandwich is just so good and the wings are the best in Wellington. I understand people may not like coming here because you get your hands messy but get over it, as this place is worth getting your fingers dirty. I was also worried as the owner was not there when I was there and someone other people were cooking, but the owner has taught his staff well and they make it just as good as he does. Another thing I like about the food at Soul Shack. They make no apologies for their food. If it is not your thing, then don’t order it. They know they make a good product, so they just stick to it.

Previous Visit: Sept 2016

Address: Courtenay Central, 100 Courtenay Pl, Te Aro, Wellington

Facebook Page: Soul Shack