Time for a brunch with Buttercup and I thought why not try Bambuchi. I knew they served dinner but only recently found out they serve brunch on the weekend. I had never been here for any meal so was interested to give it a try. The place decked out with a slight Asian theme. However, their brunch menu does not suit their decor, but it still had a nice atmosphere and wanted to know if their food was good as well.

Smoked Fish on Hash Browns with Pickles, Greens, Mustard Cream


I also got a poached egg with this, which was a nice addition. The presentation of this plate was really nice with two hash browns on the bottom with a tossed salad on top. The hash browns were nicely cooked and had a nice amount of pepper in them. The salad consisted of nice mesclun leaves, pickled onions, thinly sliced pumpkin and nice smoked fish. The mustard cream went well with everything and added a nice kick to the dish. Overall a nice dish, which benefited from the poached egg.

Flat White


This was a good coffee. However, the weird thing was the coffee was not made on-site but made somewhere else with someone bring in a tray of coffee through the front door. The coffee had a nice strength to it and although it could have been stronger it was really good. Would have loved to know what coffee they serve.

The food here and the coffee was really good and I would come back for this reason. However, our dining experience was an interesting one. There were two servers on staff obviously one was in charge and the other just doing their job. Our order was taken by the other server and just as she was going to enter our food the bell in the kitchen went and off she went to get some food. Then she got distracted and obviously, she forgot to enter our order into the system. I mentioned to Buttercup, “I guarantee she did not enter in our order”. Also, the whole time she was had gum in her mouth. The first sign was when my coffee did not come and then it only came as the server in charge saw my face when some other coffees came in. Then some food came out and no one ordered it and then the server in charge asked us what we ordered. She then checked the system and asked the other server and obviously, it had not been entered into the system. She apologised and got our order sorted out. The server in charge was so apologetic that our whole meal was complimentary. For this reason, I think I will go back even though I had a bad experience. Let’s just hope the other server will not be there when I go back.

Address: 31a Waitoa Rd, Hataitai, Wellington

Website: Bambuchi