Asked Sandy where I should go for dinner. She gave some suggestions but as soon as she mentioned Pho I decided to give this place a try. This place is not your typical Vietnamese Resturant as there is a fully licenced bar and it is nicely decorated/kitted out. As I was a table of one they asked if I wanted to sit at the bar and I thought why not. At the bar, there are numerous iPad’s laid out when you just tap in your order which I thought was different but not surprising for an Asian eatery.

Prawn Rice Paper Rolls


These were pretty big and came out fast which I really appreciated. I asked the sauce not to have peanuts which they easily accommodated for. In the sauce, I also added some chilli’s which took the sauce to the next level. The paper rolls were packed with vermicelli, lettuce and cucumber and I loved the fresh mint in the roll with the prawns. Overall some of the best summer rolls/paper rolls I have had.

Pho: Sliced Beef and Tendons


went for the regular size and I wished I went for the small as the bowl was massive. I added in the bean sprouts, Vietnamese mint, squirted the lemon and then put it in the bowl and some fresh sliced chilli’s. The beef was nicely cut and actually quite think compared to other places. The beef was added in raw and then it cooks in the hot soup. As it was thicker the beef was medium rare and had a nicer taste to it. The tendons were nice and soft and gelatinous. The pho itself was really good. Had a slight sweetness to it but was so flavoursome and packed great flavours in it. This could be the best pho I have had.

Vietnamese Coffee with Pearls


This was a great combination! Vietnamese coffee with tapioca pearls. The coffee was nice and strong and had a really nice amount of condensed milk and then you add the pearls and this is great. Loved the extra ice in the drink and having this drink did make eating all the chilli’s easier.

This would be one of the best places I have eaten pho. The food was so good and fresh and the service was great. I loved the vibe about this place. When I go back to Melbourne, I will definitely visit this place again.

Address: 138 Russell St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Website: Twenty Pho Seven