Found myself walking around and noticed that Pafu were opening an outlet in Melbourne Central. I had never heard of the company before but it just stayed with me. I then, later on, went walking around QV and discovered that there was already one open in their food area. After dinner one night I decided to try them out because I felt like some dessert.


Apple and Custard

Far out this was out of this world. The pastry was puffy and crisp like croissant / Danish pastry. The apple was really nice and not too sweet or tart. Then there is the custard which was really nice and not too sweet. It also had some icing sugar on it.

Strawberry and Custard

Wow, this was also really good. The pastry was good and the strawberry was slightly sweeter than the apple one. However was not too sweet.

Both of these were fantastic and I could easily eat more than two of these quite easily. Having the icing sugar on the apple and custard puff matched the sweetness of the strawberry but the pastry and the custard made these just so good. Totally well worth a try.

Address: Shop 1-034 QV Urban Market QV Building, Melbourne VIC 3000

Website: Pafu