So Sandy didn’t know I had already had a coffee while I was waiting for her to come into the city. So she asked if she wanted to meet for a coffee first before we go for lunch. I agreed and she introduced me to Industry Beans. This place is nicely set up and there is also free help yourself sparkling water, which I thought was awesome and great if you are drinking coffee as it cleanses the palette.

Cold Brew


I decided to go for the cold brew as it was quite warm outside. I also asked for a side of milk as I have started to really appreciate cold brew with milk. The black cold brew was really nice and had a nice bitterness to it and was easier to taste the dark chocolate notes with a bit of apricot coming through. After having half of the cold brew black, I decided to add the milk and I thought it tasted better with it and just smoothed out those edges in the coffee.

Flat White

The next day, I came back and got a strong flat white. It was well presented but felt like it was in a larger cup. The coffee was nice and smooth with a hint of a smooth caramel flavour. The coffee was not as bitter or as strong but was still quite nice. The milk was nice and creamy and added a good flavour to it. Overall a good coffee and something I could drink more frequently if need be.

Bubble Cup


Cold Brew, Conroy & Coffee Soaked Tapioca Pearls.

I had seen this drink online and didn’t make the immediate connection that it was made by Industry bean. Once I did I walked on down to try this interesting drink out. I found out that consoy is a blend of condensed milk and soy milk which is quite interesting. The drink as a whole is really nice. It tastes like a coffee with burnt caramel. I also liked the coffee soaked tapioca balls, which gave a different texture but also had a nice bitter flavour to it. A nice drink to have in the afternoon or on a hot day.

I am very impressed with the coffee at this place. The service is really good and I loved the layout and decor of the place. It is a rather busy place and you can only pay by card, which is slightly annoying, but I suppose that is why life is going.

Address: 345 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Website: Industry Beans