Sandy suggested to try this place out and also Brother Bear told me he liked this place. So, of course, I had to try this place out. Apparently, this place gets really busy but I went in the mid-afternoon which was a lot quieter. Apparently, this place does not use MSG which is a bonus. The seating is a bit tight but I think they just wanted to add more people to the restaurant.

Sweet Chili Fried Chicken


For $12 this is a steal. The salad was really nice with a good amount of mayonnaise. The rice was black rice but cooked really nicely, fluffy and soft. The kimchi was nice to eat but again it lacked spicy but have a nice pickle flavour to it. The chicken was cut into thin slices and had a nice crunch to it but some pieces were just batter. The sweet chilli sauce was really nice but did lack the spice kick I was wanting. Also, there was no leftover/excess sauce to dip the rice into. Overall a good dish though just different.

Address: 1/601 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Facebook Page: Spicy Korea