Another new cafe has opened in Wellington and I thought I would give it a try. The decor is very pink but very retro and very hipster and it all works. The food on offer is all counter food with salads, panini’s, cakes, cookies and other easy to fit food. So it is easy to get food if you are on the run, which works quite well in the areas as the majority of the other eateries you have to order your food. When I arrived, I didn’t really want anything that the offered in terms of savoury food so I just ended up getting a cake and a coffee instead.

Blueberry and Pear Pie


This was a nicely baked pie. I really loved the crust as it was crisp and not burnt. The combination of blueberry and pear work really well and the pie was really easy to eat and had a bit of natural tartness to it. I also had yogurt with this but I think it would have been better with cream. Overall a really nice slice of pie.

Flat White


FiFi’s use Good Fortune Coffee which is roasted in Petone at Seashore Cabaret. I have only tried Good Fortune a few times and was interested to see what it would taste like from a different machine. Overall, this was a good coffee. It had a bit of a body to it at the back and had a good smooth front. Better than many other places that make a Flat White in the area.

That a bad place for a coffee and cake. It is in a nice area of the city which is being gentrified with shops, breweries and other different types of eateries opening up. I suspect it will do well and people will go there.

Address: 15 Marion St, Te Aro, Wellington

Instagram Page: FiFi’s