Buttercup and I caught up for lunch in the city. We didn’t really know where to go we just met around the MFC and went for a walk and decided to go into the newly refurbished Lido. The new look is very modern, brighter and was more open. The refresh was needed in my opinion and it is great to see it back open and still being packed of customers.


smoked warehou, basmati rice, crispy shallots, curried leek omelette, poached egg; coriander-coconut and tamarind chutneys

Although I was going into Lido thinking of ordering a breakfast meal, I ended up ordering the kedgeree. I loved how there was a poached egg on top with crispy shallots. The rice was nicely cooked and was nice to see some omelette which was nice and bouncy in texture. The chutney was really nice and had a nice sweet flavour to it, but ultimately the smoked warehou was really nice and bought the whole dish together with the poached egg. Overall a nice dish.



These were some really nice fries. I love who crisp they were but also how soft and fluffy they were in the inside. Also, the aioli was nice and creamy.

Overall Lido is still a great place to get a meal. The same person has been at the stove for nearly 20 years and still produces really good food. The service was good but my only qualm is they have tried to pack more chairs and tables into the place and can be a bit tight to get around especially for the servers.

Address: 81 Victoria St, Te Aro, Wellington

Website: The Lido