New eatery in town and decided to give it a try. It has made a rather big bang since it has started opening offering a mixture of Asian fusion cuisine dishes. The place has nice open decor with an open kitchen where some of the food is made and other dishes made at the back due to the deep frying aspect of their dishes. This place is open all day and evening offering different Asian cuisine suitable for different parts of the day.

Korean Fried Chook


Chicken in Spicy Sweet Korean Sauce

As you may be aware, I am made about Fried Chicken especially Korean Fried Chicken. These looked good when they arrived with a good amount of Spicy Sweet Korean Sauce coated on the chicken. The wings are deep-fried, nice and crispy. The sauce had nice flavours with some good spice and thick and sticky. These are some of the best Korean wings I have had in Wellington. Be prepared to get your fingers messy but well worth it.

Ebi Dog


Tempura Prawn, Teriyaki Sauce, Kewpie Mayo, Seaweed Bonito Flakes

I did not expect it to look like this with the sausage being as long and that the roll to be quite short in comparison and that it looking like a french bread stick versus a standard American hotdog roll. I am two minds if I liked this or not. I liked the individual flavours but there were too many different flavours from the teriyaki sauce, the seaweed and the bonito flakes. The prawns were nice but I felt the sausage was overcooked and was too rubbery and dense for my liking.

Longest Fries in Town


Siracha Mayo & Garlic Salt

This was really nice but I am really fascinated by how they manage to get the chips this long. They were nice and crisp and I loved the garlic salt on them. I was overly surprised with the sriracha mayo though as it was spicy. Usually, you don’t get it this hot, but I really liked it.

Taro Latte


Never tried this before and as I like Taro Milk Tea, I thought I would try it as a latte. The drink was hot and was not as sweet as I thought it would be, but you could taste the subtle flavours more of the taro. Overall a nice drink and would be great on a cold day.

Milk Tea: Coconut


When I was here for the second time, I decided to give this a try. I had it with a bit of ice and with 50% sugar. I really do like their cups, and I wonder if they reuse them or recycle them. The drink was really nice with a good amount of coconut flavour and I do not think I would go any sweeter with any of their drinks as it was quite sweet but not overly.

Berry Merry


I took Pepper Potts here one night to get a bubble waffle. I decided to go for the fruity option as I didn’t really want anything too sweet. I loved the frozen fruit that came with the waffle and the marshmallows were a good addition. I went for the vanilla soft serve vs the matcha tea flavour. On top was also some strawberry sauce and sprinkles with some strawberry pocky sticks. I did like the waffle and it everything went well together. However, I did wish they used the Hong Kong Bubble waffle batter vs a western bubble waffle batter.

Overall this place has some really good food and I love the Korean Fried Chicken. So much so I have been there a few times that I have ordered them twice. This place is mainly for snacks but you can go there for a meal and well worth a try.

Address: 75 Taranaki St, Te Aro, Wellington

Website: Goldie Milk Bar & Eatery