Went to go see a concert with Pepper Potts and we decided to catchup before hand. We ended up deciding to go to Crab Shack. I had not been there for a long time and was interested to see how it has changed if anything. When we arrived, there was a wait 20 minutes for a table. However, we had to wait for 30 miuntes, which was fine. It was slightly surprising, as I thougt it would be quieter on that side of town for a Saturday night but the kitchen was pumping out food with lots of happy customers.

‘Cheezy As’ – Garlic & Cheese Cobb


Pull Apart Hot & Cheesy Garlic Bread

Found out this takes 12 minutes to prepare compared to other dishes which only take the kitchen five minutes to cook. The garlic bread was really nice. The crust was crisp and the inside was soft. Loved the amount of garlic butter with the cheese, which was stringy and tasty. Overall, a very good piece of garlic bread.

Shack Spiced Calamari


Lightly Fried & Served w Aioli & Lemon

Where ever we go, Pepper Potts always seems to order the calamari. The calamari was fresh and nice and tender with the batter nice and crisp. The seasoning on the batter was flavoursom and aioli went really well with it.



Prawn, Chicken, & Spicy Sausage, Dirty Rice & Jalapeño Creme Fraiche

Finding a good jambalya in Wellington is actually quite hard. However, this one was really nice. I liked the amount of chicken, prawns and chrizo in the the rice. The chicken was nice and tender and not over cooked at all. The prawns were juicy and the chrizo was not overcooked and dry. The rice was a nice texture and the amount of creme fraiche was good. I loved the cajuin pepper sprinkled on top which gave the dish a really good spice kick.

Overall a very good dinner at Crab Shack. A nice family restaurant by the wharf with great service and not needing to wait long for food. Crab Shack has daily specials so well worth going online and seeing what they offer each day.

Previous Visit: April 2015

Address: 5 Queens Wharf, Wellington

Website: The Crab Shack