Tatsushi has been around for some time but has recently moved. It has taken over the old premises of Tokeyo Izakaya Den in Edward Street. I went there for lunch and discovered that they also have started serving dinner at the new premises, which they didn’t do at the old one. It definitely has three times more seats than the old place and they did not struggle to full them while I was there.

Chicken Karaage


Deep-Fried Chicken

These looked really good when they came to the table. I also liked the wedge of lemon that came with the chicken. The mayo was nice and the chicken was nicely cooked. However, the chicken did need a bit more seasoning.

Japanese Style Chicken Katsu Curry


Crumbed and Deep-Fried Chicken with Mild Japanese Curry and Steamed Rice

I usually do not eat curries at Japanese restaurants. However, today I felt differently. The chicken was nicely cooked and had some good seasoning on it. The curry was also really good and had some kick and had some small pieces of potato in it. Also on the side was a small bit of pickled ginger and I did wish there was a bit more as it went really well with curry and crumbed chicken. Overall a nice dish.

Bento Box


I went back another day to try something else and I decided upon the bento box. The ingredients of the bento box change regularly I think as you need to read the blackboard to see what is in it for the day. The miso that came on the side, was really nice. It had a nice piece of firm seaweed in it and also tasted slightly tart which was different but really nice. The karaage chicken was tasty and really good, the sashimi was nice and fresh and the wasabi was really strong and immediately made my eyes water. I loved the omelette as it was also slightly sweet and I also liked the pickles that were in the middle of the box. In the little cup was this deep fried fish with a nice sauce coated over it. It was really good. I especially loved the agedashi tofu. It was light, smooth and warm. Finally on the top of the rice was a small amount of salmon. However, it was really flavoursome and was so good with the rice. Overall a fantastic bento box.

Overall a great place to eat and I will need to try it for dinner one day. The food is fresh and nicely made. The service is really good and even though it is in a backend alley it is surprising to see how many people eat here on a Saturday for lunch.

Address: 19 Edward St, Te Aro, Wellington

Website: Tatsushi