Took She-ra here for an afternoon tea. I did not know that they had moved and we ended up walking to the top of Lambton Quay to their new premises. I am not sure if I totally like their new premises as it does not seem as unique as their previous place. However, there are still a lot of people going in and having high-tea or just a snack like we did.

Macaron: Creme Brulee


A really nice macaron. Really nice hard shell with a lovely soft centre. The flavours were subtle but really good. I did wonder if this was going to be too sickly but was really nicely balanced.



A handmade vanilla sweet pastry, filled with orange marmalade, baked almond crème, natural zesty lemon curd finished with pistachio and Italian meringue

This was a beautifully presented lemon taste. I loved the gap between the biscuit base and the lemon filling and that the gap was filled with pistachio nuts. The biscuit was really nice and crisp and between the lemon curd and the biscuit was a baked almond creme. The lemon curd was nice and tart and combining the almond creme it balances it all out. The meringue adds the sweetness and brings everything together. A really nice cake.

Pain au Chocolat with Almond


I went back a few weeks later and got some pastries takeaway. The flavours in this pastry were really nice, but I missed the crunch from a good quality croissant which I expected from here. I am not entirely sure of the combination of chocolate and almond in a croissant but overall it was good.

Brioche with Almond


I preferred this one better and would buy it again. The brioche bottom was nice and soft and the almond butter on top with the sliced almonds was really nice. I do wonder what it would taste like heated up and if it is possible to get it crisp by toasting it.

For me, I prefer the pastries that are available at Louis Sergeant compared to the cakes. The service is really good here and still popular as ever. I suppose it is easier to get a carpark here at the new place in the weekend compared to it’s previous premises.

Address: 111 Lambton Quay, Wellington

Website: Louis Sergeant