Lashing has recently opened a Head Quarters on the corner of Dixon and Eva Street. They have refitted the whole the premise and looks really nice and modern. You can still buy the Lashing brownies here but you can also buy other sweet goodness and hot drinks. I have tried their brownies before so I decided to have something else and see what their coffee was like.

Vanilla Custard Sonut


Not the prettiest of things, but when it is this good who cares. The sonut is made from sourdough, which gives a nice slight tartness to the doughnut. It is so soft and has a light coating of sugar on it. Also, it is not oily which is a test of a good doughnut/sonut. I have had the filling with vanilla custard and that is really good and I love the taste of lemon vest, which I am not quite sure it is there, but you can taste it.   Also tried the strawberry and cream and love the small pieces of strawberries in it.

Pecan Sticky Bun


These were straight from the oven when I arrived and OMG they are so good. The pecans were nice and still slightly warm and crisp. The toffee sauce is unbelievable and when you add it with the bun this is something that takes you out of this world.

Flat White


Coming here, I was already cautious about ordering a coffee. Not because they use Havana beans (which is my favourite roast for a flat white) it is because of the cup size. Lashings decided to be different and asked their customers to donate a cup for their new premise. The likely hood of people donating a 6 oz cup would be very rare and when I looked on the self there was not one. So my flat white ended up in being a latte with quite a bit of milk, which is a real shame, but they are doing something for the planet. So maybe if people order a flat white, just say they don’t make them but they make a latte instead because of the size of their cups and if someone really wants a flat white, then just tell them the coffee will not be up to the brim of the cup.

I really like this new place and what they have done with the premises. They have totally gutted it compared to when Six Barrels were there. The place is more open and I love the large windows which you can sit at with the low stools. Also, the stools are really comfortable which is a real bonus. Definity a place to try even if you don’t want a brownie.

Previous Visits: November 2017

Address: 1/31 Dixon St, Te Aro, Wellington

Website: Lashing Foods