Was in Rotorua for a work trip and decided to try the Rotorua Night Market. The market only runs on a Thursday evening between 5pm to 9pm and sells majority food from different countries and some other stuff. It is a located on Tutanekai St which also connects onto Eat Street. There are so many different stalls from food ranging from Asia to European to India. This place gets really busy on a nice day and really brings in the tourists and locals to the area. Also, I manage to meet Maui here as he has relocated to the area.

Cast Iron


Honey Barbeque Pork, Jungle Style Beef, Oriental Lamb

There was a line for these guys but it moved fast as these are easily cooked. The Beef had some nice flavours but was overcooked and slightly tough and stringy. The Lamb was really nice and was tender and juicy. I liked the pork the most as it had a slight sweetness to it. Overall, these really good and $7 for three. How can you go wrong!

Sushi Panda

These guys are actually from Tauranga and come to Rotorua for the market. They seem pretty popular so I and Maui decided to give them a try.


I decided to try the deep fried sushi with salmon. Also inside was some nori, cream cheese and spring onions. I also added some soya sauce and some sriracha sauce on some to give it a try. Overall, these were really nice. I loved the crispness of the rice on the outside and then the soft salmon and warm cream cheese. Also, I really liked the spring onions in the sushi which bought out a really lovely flavour. Maui tried the Deep Fried Panko crumbs with prawn. Overall they were good and I really liked the sushi panda sauce that came with it, which was slightly spicy.


I also tried another pork skewer from somewhere that was selling mostly Vietnamese food. It was a bit more expensive than Iron Cask, but it was nicer and had some better flavours in it and I liked the charcoal flavour better on it as well.

Overall if you are in Rotorua on Thursday night, this is the place to visit. It has so much food on offer and basically caters for everyone. There is also live entertainment and the food is not that expensive.

Address: 1196-, 1202 Tutanekai St, Rotorua 3010

Facebook Page: Rotorua Night Market