Had been told that I should try this place out as they have good pies. So good pies that they have won numerous prizes including the best pie in New Zealand this year. So I managed to get away from my duties for a few minutes as went to sneak a taste on a few pies as I had discovered it was only around the corner from where I was staying.

Bacon Egg Cheese Onion and Tomato

This was a really good pie and packed with bacon and lovely savoury flavours. The onions were nicely mixed in with a good amount of cheese and had a whole egg yolk in there as well. The tomato was a nice addition, but the pastry was really nice the bonus it was flaky but not too heavy.

Roast Pork, Caramelised Onions Creamy Mushroom & Cheese


Was this was a fantastic pie. The first bite I took was a big chunk of pork. The pork was nice and tender and had a lovely flavour to it. The creamy mushrooms and sauce made this pie legit. It so nice and creamy with that distinct mushroom flavour. The cheese was subtle but bought it together with those mushrooms. Then the pastry. They make good pastry. Flaky, not too heavy and manages to contain all the contents of the filling. Such a good pie and can see how it came away with the Supreme Pie awards this year.

You would never think that this place makes such good pies from the outside. This is just an ordinary bakery in an industrial area with a lot of cars passing by with a small car park. However, this place is well worth a visit and pies for around $5. I wish I could visit the place again and try their other pies.

Address: 89 Old Taupo Rd, Mangakakahi, Rotorua

Facebook Page: Gold Star Patrick’s Pies