I have kept meaning to come to this place and try the coffee here. Pour and Twist is New Zealand’s first manual coffee brew bar and the only in Wellington. The owners/brewers have managed to get a strong following from Coffee enthusiasts in Wellington and do some really interesting stuff with coffee. I was eager to try something out and see have a conversation with the owners about brewing coffee.

Coffee Tonic


Aeropress Coffee served over Iced Tonic Water

I came to this place with an open mind to try some coffee. I asked them to suggest something and they suggested Coffee with Tonic water. I have never heard of this combination before and was eager to give it try. To brew my coffee they used an Aeropress and use Rocket Coffee: Alta Mira with notes of red apple, panela and watermelon. Presentation wise this was really cool and interesting to see that coffee is lighter than tonic water. You have to stir the drink and I honestly could not believe the flavours that were coming from the drink. You get the bitterness from the tonic water but then you get the sweetness and fruitiness from the coffee. It was a great drink and something that I will have to try at home when summer arrives.

Co – Coffee


Freshly Brewed Filter over Iced Coconut Water

This was a very different drink and even though I have had coffee with coconut milk, not coconut water. The used Rocket Coffee: El Futuro with notes of line and pineapple and brewed it with an Aeropress. The drink was really refreshing. The coffee flavour was really light and as to was the coconut flavour. They just blended the flavours really well together.

Orange Coffee

Freshly Brewed Filter over Orange and Peel & Blocks of Chocolate, Creamy Frothed topped with Chocolate Shavings

She-Ra ordered this drink as I took her here the second time I went. This was really different but really nice. They brewed this coffee like a v60 with a filter paper and using the orange as the filter holder. In the glass was chocolate which melted with the coffee slowly dripping through. Was pretty cool to watch. The flavours of this coffee were really nice. It tasted like a Hot Chocolate but with an orange flavour and not as heavy. Overall a nice drink on a cold day.

Iced Drip Coffee


It had been suggested that I try this out and as I had done some reading regarding iced drip coffee I thought why not. It is a really interesting brewing method as you get the taste from a coffee that is brewed hot, but it is cold. I didn’t know at the time but you are meant to only pour small amounts of coffee at a time into the cup so the flavour changes over time due to the ice melting in the pot and the flavours get softer.

I love coming here and it is just a coffee geeks dream. They really nice their stuff here and all about how to brew coffee. It is great having a yarn about different brewing techniques and also about different beans. This place may be a bit overwhelming but do give it a try. There are many different drinks that you can try and sink your teeth into.

Address: 13 Garrett St, Te Aro, Wellington

Website: Pour and Twist