Found myself going to have lunch at Jackson Cafe Bristo with She-Ra. As she lives around here she has been a few times. Me, never been and since it was in the Entertainment Book I decided let’s give it a try. This place has won some awards, especially for its Beef and Lamb more recently for 2019 and every year dating back to 2012. However, as I was here for Brunch, I went off their day menu not their evening one.

Hutt Stack


Hash Brown, Wilted Greens, Bacon, Salmon choice of Egg and Hollandaise

This looked impressive with the plating. Everything stacked nicely and the generous amount of hollandaise poured on top. The salad had a combination of carrots, cabbage, mesclun, and had a nice tart dressing to it. The eggs were good but were not as runny as I would have liked. The bacon was cooked perfectly and the combination of smoked salmon went really well. The hash browns were really crisp and even though they were really nice I thought some housemade would have been better vs the prebought. Overall though a very nice dish and well recommended.

Flat White


Not sure what bean they use here, but I was not overly impressed with this coffee. I didn’t like it when I first took a sip and as it sat it became better. However, I was not really a fan and didn’t even finish it which must mean something.

Overall, a good brunch meal at Jackson Cafe and Bristo. The food came out pretty fast. The service was good and the atmosphere was fine. I do wonder what their dinner service is like and looking at it, I am slightly surprised at how expensive some of the dishes are. However, when you win awards I can see why they charge a bit more.

Website: Jackson Cafe Bristo

Address: 306 Jackson St, Petone, Lower Hutt 5012