There are not a lot of options on where to eat at Lake Tekapo. However, we decided to go Kohan Japanese Restuarant. It is also rated as the number one restaurant on TripAdvisor so that was a bonus. The place is not necessarily the easiest place to find as it faces the lake behind the shops on the main street and next to a souvenir shop. The decor is dated but as long as the food is good who cares right?

Tekapo Roll


Sukiyaki Beef, Avocado, salmon, Omelette’s and Onion

Was this was really nice. I decided to go for it because it sounded different and may of been their signature dish at this Japanese restaurant. The salmon was super fresh and loved the sukiyaki beef and avocado in there. The rice was nicely cooked and seasoned and loved the thickness of the egg and the lettuce and onions. Then you add the ginger, wasabi and soy sauce and you have a winner

Ton Katsu


Crumbed Pork with Kohan’s Tonkatsu Sauce & Mustard

This was also really nice. I loved the thickness of the pork and the sauce they had at the bottom which was slightly sweet. The pork was nicely cooked and the coating had a nice slight crunch to it. The mustard was really different but went so well with the pork. The mustard was whole grain mustard mixed with wasabi and had a real big kick to it. The salad was ok and the extra rice I ordered was slightly too soggy for me and the rice not fluffy enough. However, the pork was really good.

JFC; Japanese Fried Chicken

Soy Flavoured Succulent Japanese Chicken Nuggets

Was really good. Loved how they used the dark meat from the chicken and how they try and get the chicken pieces into balls. The seasoning was really good and the chicken was fried perfectly. Overall really good especially with the Japanese mustard I had.

Tempura Banana


The banana fritter was just so good. I loved the lightness of the tempura batter and the banana was not overripe or overcooked and was nice and firm. Interesting to have candy floss on the plate but was not complaining and for the toffee shaped of Pikachu. The ice cream was good but loved the caramel sauce that went with it and also loved the biscuit that was next to the ice cream. Overall a full on dessert but really good.

Overall a great place to eat while you stay at Lake Tekapo, especially if you don’t want the typical NZ cuisine. The food is fresh and the service is very good with the great Japanese hospitality. Booking is recommended and love the little plate option or the Bento box option.

Address: 6 Rapuwai Lane, Lake Tekapo

Website: Kohan Restaurant