One of my colleagues from work took me and She-Ra to Little High. Little High is a like an upmarket food court. There are different eateries offering different cuisines like Thai, Mexican, Italian, Japanese and also includes the popular burger company Bacon Brothers. I felt like some Chinese food so decided to order from Eightgrains.

Pulled Beef Spring Roll


These looked really good when I got them and surprised to see how many I actually got. I loved the amount of sauce poured on top and it added a good kick to it but also a sweetness through the mayonnaise. The spring roll was packed with shredded beef which was really nice. Also, I liked the salad with the light dressing. Overall a nice fusion dish of pulled beef and spring rolls

Sichuan Hot & Spicy Dan Dan Noodles (Pork)


This was presented nicely but didn’t know the bowl was so deep. It was loaded with noodles which had stuck together but was not difficult mixing everything around as you should do. I did ask for medium and was slightly taken back on how hot it was. However, it was really good. I loved the bok chow with it, carrots and bean sprouts also the scallions pieces on top. Overall a really good bowl of noodles that packed a big punch.

Overall I really liked the food from this eatery. The food came out relatively fast. She-Ra went to Bacon Brothers and enjoyed the burger there. I also went back and tried the Pad Thai from Noodle Monk which was really good. I definite place to visit and FYI this place gets real busy.

Address: 255 St Asaph St, Christchurch Central, Christchurch

Website: Eightgrains