My colleague who is originally from Christchurch suggested that we try this and said it was pretty cool how they serve their burgers. She-ra was pretty excited as she loved the idea of the food sent to you via pneumatic tubes. When I arrived, I didn’t know it was also a coffee roaster and also sold quite a bit of food from their cabinet and merchandise.

Beef and Pork


The delivery of this burger is very cool with using the pneumatic tubes that are installed in the cafe. Your food comes in a metal tube that you then need to twist to get your food out. The curly fries were good and well salted. Basically, stock standard curly fries as they are not made onsite. The burger, I was disappointed in. The size is half the size of a standard hamburger you would get a typical cafe/restaurant. However, the potato bread bun was nice and I liked the patty or pork and beef. The cheese was nice and easily identifiable and the pickles added a nice touch. Could not even register the sriracha sauce in the burger or even taste it. Overall a good burger but a real shame on the size and not worth the price you pay for it.


Savoury Muffin


A good size muffin with sunflower seeds on top. Inside was corn, some carrot, spring onion and red onion. The muffin was a nice consistency with lost of stuff in there but felt like it needed a bit more salt in the muffin batter to ensure there was a bit more flavour to the muffin.

Flat White


I don’t think they make the standard double shot flat white here and instead do the single. Purely because when I asked they said they can make me one. I liked this coffee, it is a lot smoother in flavour and although it has a bitterness it comes right at the end and lingers. There are flavours of caramel and some aspects of dark chocolate in the mix. I not actually sure if I would like this coffee if it came in a single shot and it didn’t taste that strong with the double.

Overall an interesting place to eat. I can see it is popular but I am not a fan of their burgers or coffee. However, I might go back and try their offerings as apparently, their brunch menu is very popular and the place was quite busy on a Saturday morning but dead on a Friday night. The building is really cool and they have a cool outdoor area with a very active veg garden with at least two bunnies living in their.

Address: 185 High St, Christchurch Central, Christchurch

Website: C1 Espresso