Decided to check this place out with Pepper Potts, Winifred, Louie DePalma. We had not caught up for a year and it was great to see everyone again and have a great yarn. el Culo del Mundo is a new kid on the block and has become quite popular. The menu is tapas style and many different options to choose from and there are quite a few vegetarian options and everything is made on site and from scratch. Also, everything is ethically sourced and free-range.

Salsa & Chips


This dish was really good. The salsa was packed with different ingredients and I loved the corn chips. There was seasoning on the chips besides salt which made them really good. I also loved the different colour of corn chips and they were definitely freshly made and crisp.

Otago Grasshoppers w/ Guacamole


Mulan told me that these were a must try. The grasshoppers just added texture and really didn’t have a taste at all, but they were seasoned with some spices. The guacamole was really nice. The chips were not corn chips but something else like plantain.  Overall a really nice dish

Chargrilled Argentinian Lamb Cutlets with Chimichurri


Louie DePalma ordered this dish and I was allowed to eat some. The lamb was really nice and I loved the cut they use for this dish. The smokey flavour from the grill was really good and the chimichurri complimented the lamb really nicely. Another great dish.

House Made Smoked Chorizo Taco with Red Chimichurri


I wanted to order something more different so decided to try the housemade chorizo. I was surprised to get four tortillas instead of the two so I could share the chorizo easily. It was nice to have wedges of lime for the dish. However, they were not ripe and was difficult to squeeze the juice out of them. I loved the two different hot sauces spread on the dish which added a good kick. The chorizo was really nice with the sauce it was cooked in and was not too meaty and tough.

Overall, a really nice place to eat. However, beware that all the seats are the high bar stools and high tables. The service is very good and the food comes out relatively fast. Unfortunately, this place does not offer dessert and just beware that you may need to order s bit more than you think you need or ask the staff if you have ordered enough because they do not offer dessert.

Address: 2 Roxburgh St, Mount Victoria, Wellington 6011

Website: El Culo Del Mundo