Found out through Instagram the Wraps and Rolls were offering a free $12 lunch every day for the week leading up to Christmas. You had to have joined their club by either following them on Instagram or Facebook. When I arrived, I discovered that this place was completely take away with no seats available. Also, you can either get food that is either in a cabinet, in a Bain Merry or order off the short menu.


Roast Duck (top) & Prawn (bottom) Summer Roll

Roast duck  with lettuces, coriander, mint, carrots, eggs, chives and rice vermicelli

I was really surprised to see a summer roll with slices of roast duck. They also give you some dipping sauce which is the typical summer roll dipping sauce. Although the sauce is nice, it is really hard to dip the summer roll into it as they are too thick. So I ended up pouring it over my summer rolls. The roll was fresh and I loved how soft the rice wrappers were. It was packed with rice vermicelli, carrots and loved the amount of mint in there. Overall a nice fresh summer roll but wish there was a bit more flavour in the duck.

Prawn with lettuces, coriander, mint, carrots, eggs, chives and rice vermicelli

Again a good summer roll with fresh ingredients inside. However, the prawns they used did not have a lot of flavours and was hard to taste anything except for the mint and coriander.

Chicken Wrap (left) & Chicken Summer Roll (right)

Chicken with lettuces, coriander, mint, carrots, eggs, chives and rice vermicelli (below)

Had this on a different day and still, the summer roll was really good. Had nice flavour and consistent with what I had the previous visit. The chicken in the roll was really nice and not dry. I didn’t go with the sauce this time but it was still really good.

Chicken and Salad Wrapped in Roti

This was really good and I really enjoyed it. The roti was still slightly warm so easier to eat. The salad was nice and consisted of cabbage, lettuce and carrot, the chicken was good and also inside was some mayonnaise. I might have to replicate these at home and take them to work for lunch.

Traditional Bahn Mi


Pate, Vietnamese ham, char siu pork, pickle, herb with chilli sauce and mayonnaise as condiments

My cousins and I are still continuing to find the best Bhan Mi in Wellington. When I got this, I was really surprised to feel how crisp the fresh stick was and how warm it was. Then I looked inside and it was packed with different ingredients. The thickness of the pickled carrot and turnip looked enticing and the amount of char siu pork looked good. When I took my first bite, I loved the crunch of the bread and all the ingredients just all worked together. The amount of pate to mayonnaise with the coriander and chilli sauce I think I have found the best Bahn Mi in Wellington.

Grilled Pork Bahn Mi


Pickle, Herbs with Chilli sauce and Mayo as condiments

This was a bloody good Bahn Mi and I do wonder if there was pate in here or not as I could not figure it out. The Grilled pork was really nice and tender and I think they use the cut of meat from the pig’s belly. The condiments of daikon, carrot, cucumber, coriander were just fantastic and I loved the mayonnaise in there.

I wish I could go to this place more often. However, as it is not open on the weekends I won’t be going too often. I have struggled to find a place that makes a good Bahn Mi in Wellington but I think I have found it. I just wish they used fresh chillis instead of chilli sauce.  You can join their member’s club via their social media outlets and get discounts. Overall a great place to eat at the top end of The Terrace.

Address: 41 The Terrace, Wellington

Facebook Page: Wraps and Rolls