Decided to have a work lunch at Kilim out in Petone. A few reasons why. There is free parking, relatively close to work and the party of six all agreed to it. I have tried their eatery in Wellington and was interested in trying their first eatery. We manage to find parking really easily and a table without needing to book or wait. We discovered that you had to order and pay at the counter beforehand but that was perfectly fine for the whole group.

Grilled Halloumi Cheese

with hummus, felafels and Turkish bread (picture above)

This was a nice dish with three big slices of halloumi. The halloumi was perfectly cooked and I loved the generous amount of hummus underneath the cheese. The hummus was good with a nice tahini flavour mixed in. The felafel was nice and crisp on the outside and green on the inside but due to the number of herbs mixed into the falafel mixture. The Turkish bread was good and the salad was nice and refreshing. Overall the dish was really good and a good sample plate if you want to try different things.

Doner Kebabs 


Wrapped in flatbread with tabouleh, mixed salad and your choice of sauces

This was not what I ordered, but because I was chatting to another friend when I arrived I just ate what was in front of me. However, this donna kebab was really good. I loved the salad and the generous amount of meat inside, which I think was just lamb. Whatever the sauces were, were fantastic and tied everything together and I loved the tabouleh in there as well. Overall a really good donna kebab and well worth a try.



So I went back for lunch as I was in the area and discovered that this dish had a combo of added fries and a can of coke for $15. I decided to go with the lamb. The fries were nice and crisp. I was actually quite surprised by them. The Turkish bread was nice and soft I loved the toasted sesame seeds on the top. The lamb was great and on top was yogurt and tomato sauce. The rice at the bottom was really good and I loved how some of it was still undercooked and had a nutty flavour to it.

This place is great for Turkish food and it is a great place to get a cheap eat. The food comes out fast and it tastes great. This place is well known in the Hutt area and they also have a place in Manners Street in the city. Overall a must try and I will be back.

Address: 87 Jackson St, Petone, Lower Hutt

Website: Kilim Turkish Cafe