Discovered about this place through Momma Bear, she had told me that a new Malaysian Resturant had opened in Strathmore in January. I had walked past it a few times during the afternoon and it was not open but had the opportunity recently to as we had a whānau dinner with Momma Bear, Cookie Moster and my Uncle

Pan Fried Squid


Squid Flambeed in Spices, Capsicum, and Onion 

I could eat this dish as a main with rice. This is so good with the squid being nice and tender. I loved the combination of the spices, capsicum and onion. What was really good was the flavour of the Wok they use. This was just well seasoned and so good.

Spicy Chicken Wings


Marinated and Deep Fried. Served with a Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce

These were the typical fried chicken wings you get at the other Malaysian places. However, they were nice and tender and nicely cooked but we didn’t get any sweet chilli dipping sauce. It was good though with the sauce from the squid entree.

Grilled Fish Sambal


Fresh Seasonal Fish Grilled for Tenderness and added flavour – Spice Sauce using a variety of Chilli Peppers, Shrimp Paste, Fish Sauce, Garlic, Ginger, Shallots, Scallion, Palm Sugar and Lime Juice. 

I really liked this dish and it packed a lot of flavours. The combination of spices, shrimp paste, and other ingredients is just so good. I also liked the thick cuts of the onion, tomato and capsicum. The fish was nice and having it with rice was really good.

Lamb Varuval


The Sauce is Reduced until the Lamb pieces are tender and gravy coats the meat. Chillis Fennel Seed and Cumin Seed are used to infuse the lamb with their Spice flavour

This packed a lot of punch and I loved it. This was chilli hot and they didn’t apologise for it. The lamb was so tender and just crumbled in your mouth and reminds me of a really good rendang but hotter.

Goat Curry


Rajah’s Speciality – Goat (bone in) is slow cooked in a blend of spices and onions until the Meal is tender and infused with the flavours of the sauce

This was good but got overshadowed by the Lamb Varuval. I loved the goat meat and was nice and tender. I love attacking meat on the bone and the gravy was good. However, was hard to really taste what was in it due to eating the lamb beforehand.

Mee Goreng Maamark – Chicken


Traditional Dish combining stir fried Noodles, Bean Sprouts and Egg

I loved how this dish came with a slice of lemon as a Mee Goreng is always good with a bit of lemon juice on it. Also, it was great to see fresh bean sprouts but the bonus was the fresh green vegetable (Choi sum) instead of the frozen stuff. I ordered the noodles hot and for me, it was great and just at my limit not too hot that I start to sweat and look uncomfortable. The mee goreng overall was really good and one of the best I have actually tasted and the chicken was nicely cooked with the grey meat of the chicken. Yummy!

Garlic Roti

This looked like your typical roti. It was light and fluffy but damn this was really good. I loved the garlic mixed with the roti and it was made fresh to order, which was a real bonus. Overall one of the best roti’s I have had in Wellington.

I am very impressed with this place. The food was really good and tasty and comes out relatively fast. It is still new but has become quite popular in its short time. I especially like this place as they have someone that makes the roti fresh to order so it is not either too dry or oily.

Address: 504 Broadway, Strathmore Park, Wellington 6022