Went to Arcimboldi for brunch on a Sunday with Buttercup. I had heard that this place opened in the latter part of last year and took over the premises of Franziska. It was quite busy when we arrived and was told that there would be about 30-minute wait for food, which we were happy with as we decided to sit outside in the courtyard at the back. The menu is very extensive with a day/lunch/breakfast menu and the pizza menu which you can also order from by the looks of it. However, we both decided to order off the day menu.

Smoked Kahawai, Agria Mash, Poached Egg, Spinach, Peas, Herbs


I originally wanted this dish but not with the peas, but was told that the peas were part of the mads, so I decided to go for the hotcakes. Then Buttercup ordered and I change my mind again and ordered the Pork Sausage with Home Baked Beans but that didn’t come and instead came the Smoked Kahawai dish. I decided not to complain because they were busy, but in hingsight, I wished I did.

The dish overall was really nice. I actually liked the peas because they tasted non-frozen and panfried. The smoked kahawai was really nice and went well with the Agria potatoes, spinach and the poached egg. The noticeable herb though was the one basil leaf but I really did like the pickled item that was placed on top of it all. I did wish that I had access to salt and pepper as a bit extra of both would have benefited the dish.

Flat White


This was the ugliest Flat White I have had for a very long time, especially in Wellington. However, I did decide to taste it and it was actually really good. A nice double shot of espresso coffee with a good amount of milk but no real creamy top or design on the top. It just looked like the milk was poured into the cup in a hurry.

The food here is good, but the service was not. They stuffed up my order and the coffee looked terrible. Also, I ordered a muffin and reminded a waiter but it never came and then the one that originally took my order reminded me that I had not had my muffin about an hour after I ordered it and try to force me to take it takeaway but I didn’t want it by them. They were clearly understaffed and the staff felt so rushed off their feet that they didn’t listen properly and the coffee looked terrible. Overall food was good, service but so not going back as you can get the same food and better service at many other places.

Address: 24 Dundas St, Seatoun, Wellington 6022

Facebook Page: Arcimboldi