B1 had been talking about this place for a while and I decided that I should give it a try and along came B1 and B2 and their kids. This place was really interesting as it is a great place for kids as it has a huge open space and has a play area, different things to interact with and tame eels that you can and kids can feed. There is ample outdoor seating and if it is wet you can sit inside. The menu is good and I thought as I was in the Tasman Area I would continue my seafood theme.

Deep Bowl of Cockles


Freshly steamed Westhaven cockles in a spiced tomato broth served with JH ciabatta for mopping

To be honest, I was disappointed when this arrived, especially with the lack of cockles in the bowl. However, the cockles were cooked nicely, nice and fresh and had a nice natural sweetness to them. The tomato broth was really nice and had a really good kick to it. The bread was nice and fresh and both had a nice crust to them, but I wish I got more bread as then it would have filled me up as I was still slightly hungry after eating this dish.

Mussel Inn: Lemming Aid


Decided to try this because I had tried their Ginger Bear the other day. I actually didn’t like this at all. It was really fake and tasted a bit soapy. So a no from me.

Overall, this is a good place if you are out with the family and want somewhere to eat. I actually wanted to try their Chowder but they had sold out. The service is good and the food comes out relatively fast, which is good when you are dealing with kids. The outdoor seating option is a must and good to visit even if you don’t have kids.

Address: 320 Aporo Rd, Tasman

Website: Jesters House Cafe