Was driving along exploring the Tasman area and after going to Te Waikoropupū Springs B1 B2 mentioned Mussel Inn and for some strange reason, I had heard of this place so I suggested that we go try it. The Inn is a cottage with a Brewery at the back and hosts live performances and has a couple of nice outdoor areas to sit with some covered and some uncovered. They brew their own beers and nonalcoholic beverages. They also offer food from a limited menu but it would cater to most peoples needs.

Fresh Steamed Mussels & Garlic Bread


These mussels were really nice and fresh. The plate looked like it was loaded and manage to count 19 mussels in the bowl. The mussels were nicely cleaned and were cooked with a bit of wine I think. There were also generous wedges of lemon which was really good. The mussels tasted really nice, cooked to perfection and of good size. Also with the dish, you got two big slices of garlic bread on ciabatta. The garlic butter was really nice with good seasoning and also had some whole grain mustard mixed into it. Overall, a really good dish.

Ginger Beer


I enjoyed this Giner Beer, it was not at all too sweet and the ginger did not intrude with the taste buds. The flavours were well mixed and rounded. Overall, a really good drink that I wish they sold it other places around New Zealand.

When we arrived at 11.30 it was really quiet. However, after 20 minutes this place became quite busy. The food comes out relatively quite fast and I love the different seating options. B1 had the chowder, which she enjoyed but she said it was quite rich. B2 had a pie and the beer tasting platter which looked really good.  Overall, a great place to visit in the Tasman area.

Address: 1259, State Highway 60, Onekaka 7182

Website: Mussel Inn