Went to Burger Culture for lunch with B1. This was my first meal in the Nelson area and weirdly enough it was also the same last time I came. As it was a Sunday it was not as busy as last time for lunch.  I had noticed that they had changed their menu compared to last time, but there was still a selection of burgers to eat.

Blue Cheazy-e


Beef Patty, Blue Cheese, Walnut, Onion Jam, Rocket, Tomato, Burger Sauce

I really liked the height of this burger and great to see the grill marks on the top. I did think the burger was going to be too tall for me, but I managed just fine. The combination of flavours in this burger was awesome. The blue cheese did what it was meant to and punch through everything but it was not too strong that you could still taste the beef patty which had a nice basic flavour and nicely cooked. The onion jam bought the sweetness to the burger and tomato and rocket was good and fresh.

Shoestring Fries with Truffle and Cheese


These were good but I did regret ordering them as they were really rich. I liked the cheese sauce on the fries and also the truffle but the combination was quite strong. The fries were good but I would have prefered them to be in the frier for slightly longer just to give them more of a crispness to them.

Doughnuts: Chocolate Creamed Filled Custard, Chocolate and Raspberry with Sprinkles


Took this back to B1’s house for later to share with B2. These were good doughnuts. The Sprinkles one surprised me as I liked the raspberry flavour and although it was sweet it did have a nice slight tang to it. The chocolate glazed was also good with a nice deep chocolate flavour. The custard filled was the richest of them all but still very good. The custard had a nice flavour and I loved the combination with chocolate. Overall three very good doughnuts.

Overall, a really good place to just hang and have a good burger. The ingredients are fresh and sourced locally and the buns I think are housemade. Both times I have been I had a good burger, but as I said last time, would have prefered if the patty was served on the pinker side. Service is good, loved the doughnuts and apparently, you can get Gameboys to play while you are waiting for your food.

Previous Visit: April 2018

Address: 279 Trafalgar St, Nelson

Website: Burger Culture