Had not visited Satay Palace for a while, so I decided to revisit the place. This place has a slight cult following and been serving a mixture of Asian food for years. The menu is full of different dishes from Malaysia, Thai and Chinese and is people go there because of the price of their numerous dishes.

Spring Rolls

I am a sucker for Spring Rolls and decided to give them another try. The spring rolls are definitely made in-house and are served with sweet chilli sauce. The springs rolls are filled with cabbage, carrots and some shrimps. Overall the flavours are nice and go really well with the sweet chilli sauce. The great thing is they come hot and fresh.

Fried Dumplings


These looked good and nice to see some soy sauce with them. The dumplings were cooked well and the skin was slightly crisp. The filling was actually too flavoursome for me and slightly too salty. I do wonder what they would taste with some vinegar though.

Mee Goreng


I decided to order the BBQ Pork mee goreng. I liked the broccoli in the dish and the other fresh vegetables mixed in the noodles. The BBQ pork was really nice and had a nice sweetness to it. Overall the noodles were alright but there could be more depth in flavour as the dish is pretty bland.

Wat Dan Hor


Mixture Stir Fried Broad Rice Noodles and Deep Fried Vermicelli topped with Fishcake, Prawns, Bok Choy, Chicken Pieces and Egg Gravy

This looked good and was nice to see and was unexpected to get a soy sauce and fresh chilli side sauce.  The sauce packed a real punch and was great in this dish. The bok choy was fresh, green and nicely cooked. I loved the thick gravy and the fishcake prawns and chicken were a great addition. However, I only got the rice noodles and no vermicelli which is more the traditional dish, but it was a shame. Overall a really good dish nut you should try the version at R & S Noodles as I feel there one is better.

If you want to get some cheap quality food. This is still one of the places to go. The service is adequate and food comes out relatively fast. The decor is a bit dated but you come here for the food, not the atmosphere and the price.

Previous Visit: Feb 2015

Address: 165 Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington