Rogue burger is the relatively new kid on the block. It had a soft opening for a few weeks only serving a limited menu and with shorten hours. Now it has opened fully and has an extended menu of around six different burgers. It is located in front of Sterling on the Terrace and has taken over Sterling’s old outside dining area. I presume it is from the brainchild of Sterling and also Egmont St Eatery. It is rather weird that is all outdoors and I wonder what the place will be like during the winter time in Wellington.

Fried Chicken


This looked like a good burger with a good presentation. You could see the different ingredients in the burger with a big chunk or deep-fried free range chicken. The inside of the brioche buns was grilled with a good amount of pickles and some shredded lettuce. Overall, the burger was ok. Nothing special to challenge the other burger joints in Wellington. There was no spice, no special sauce, just an ordinary chicken sandwich. For me, the most disappointing part was the chicken. It was cooked nicely, but there was no real flavour or seasoning to the coating. A real disappointment for me.

Fries with Sauce

I decided to have the Rogue’s burger sauce. The fries were cooked really nicely and had a nice flavour to them due to the skins. They were nicely seasoned with some salt as well. The sauce was really nice and similar to McDonald’s special Big Mac sauce. I also tried the sriracha tomato sauce that gave a good kick and also their aioli, which was nice and thick.

Cheese Burger


Grass Fed Beef Patty, American Style Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomato, Housemade Pickles & Burger Sauce

I actually got this Rogue Burger at Egmont St as they had a Rogue Burger Pop-up as I was there for Brunch over Easter. The burger looked good with the freshness of the ingredients but I was disappointed on how thin the beef patty was. The bun was a soft brioche bun and grilled on the inside but I felt that there was too much bun to the ratio of fillings. The pickles were really nice and I liked the freshness of the lettuce and tomato. The cheese worked but I was really disappointed with the patty. Overall a real disappointment for me.

There has been a bit of talk about this place and how good it is, but I just think they are just an ordinary burger. There is nothing special about them except how fresh they are. I am not entirely sure if I would go back unless something changes.

Address: 101 The Terrace, Wellington

Facebook Page: Rogue Burger