Out in P-town way and remembered someone posting about this place and I thought I would give it a try. It is a relatively new place. They cook in a fitted out shipping container with a connected covered seating area. It overlooks the Porirua Harbour and is a really nice place to sit on a sunny day.

Spare Ribs


Hot & Fast Textured, Grilla BBQ Sauce and Seasoning 

I got these with a combo which comes with fries and a drink. The fries were alright and could have been cooked slightly longer to crispen up the fries and make the inside softer. The ribs were really good. I loved their BBQ sauce which was slightly tangy and had a nice sweetness to it. I also liked the taste of the grill. The actual ribs were cooked nicely and had some good pieces of meat on the bone. The meat was tender and be prepared to get your hands messy. Overall some really nice ribs that weren’t boiled for too long that the meat just falls off.

Steak Deluxe


Steak, Bacon, Cheese, Onion, Mayo, Relish

I actually only wanted one combo but got two, hence why there are fries with this burger. The burger overall was really good and the price point is very reasonable. However, the bread was a pretty basic Tip Top like bun and I wish they used a better quality bun. The bacon was really nice and had a good amount to it and I loved the steak which was cooked nicely and then cut into strips. The cheese went really well and loved the raw onion and lettuce. Overall for the price point a really good burger.

Overall this place is really good and the owners have really thought about their market, where they are based and the price point of their products. The service was alright and it looks like this place is quite popular with the locals. I love the grilled meat and I love how they make burgers but don’t serve patties in them but serve real pieces of meat. Highly recommend this place.

Address: 0 Parumoana St, Porirua 5022

Facebook Page: Grilla BBQ