Heard about another place in Upper Lambton Quay that makes a Bahn Mi. It is not a new place but I do not get a lot of opportunities to go into town during the week, but this time I did and decided to give this place a try. It is a little shop that offers fresh mainly Vietnamese style food with very limited seating but mainly suited to take your food away and eat somewhere else.

Curry Puff, Spring Roll and Dim Sim


These were in the cabinet and surprisingly when I took a bit out of all of them they were still quite hot. The curry puff was really nice. I liked the crisp but flakey pastry on the outside. The filling was nice with potatoes and other stuff, but I did wish it had a bit more of a kick. The Spring Roll was good and was packed with pork, vermicelli and some fungus either being mushroom or wood ear. The dim sim was very much what I have had in Melbourne, a deep-fried chunk of mince with cabbage and wrapped in a dumpling skin. Overall, all three were really good and if you just want a snack or something extra these are pretty good options.

Bahn Mi; Traditional


I went on a Tuesday and on that day they have a Bahn Mi for $7. However, when I received it I was greatly disappointed. Although the french stick looked crisp and it was warm I wondered where the filling was. I actually had to lift the top of the roll and I manage to see everything and it was very disappointing. The filling consisted of some pickled carrot and daikon, thin slices of carrot, some coriander, mayonnaise, sliced Chinese BBQ pork and some sliced Vietnamese sausage. Altogether, it tasted alright but I was missing the chilli aspect and pate. Also, it was very hard to taste everything because everything was in small quantities.

Overall, if I am just going off the Bahn Mi I was not impressed with this place. I love myself a Bahn Mi and still, the winner is Wraps in Rolls which is on a few minutes from this place on The Terrace. It was so disappointing due to how small the servings were of everything. I don’t mind paying more if I actually get more instead of paying a small amount and getting the serving size I received.

Address: Ground Floor, 4b Woodward Street, Wellington

Facebook Page: Satay Me