Kopitiam is a newish coffee shop in Wellington. Serving drinks and snacks from Hong Kong and Malaysia. The place has been completely gutted and then fixed up and has a small area where you can sit. Since it’s opening it ha already had a refurbishment to expand the kitchen area so it can produce more food. This has also meant that it has also expended its food offerings.

Singapore Laksa


Thick Vermicelli Rice Noodles served with Prawns, Flashcakes, Bean Sprouts, Fried Tofu and Free Range Egg in Rich Spicy Coconut Soup

Kopitian have just started serving this and being obsessed with a good Laksa I had to try it. Although the bowl is small for the price it is very reasonable and if you are hungry you just order one of their many different snacks. The laksa is to be only eaten with a spoon with the vermicelli cut into small pieces. The bowl is loaded with different ingredients. I loved the fried tofu and a generous amount of prawns. I also loved the spring onions and fried shallots. However, I am not really a fan of coriander. The soup was nice and loved the shrimp paste in there but would have benefited with a bit more seasoning. Overall a really nice laksa and you will only find this version of a laksa here in Wellington.

Chee Cheong Fan


Rice Noodles with Homemade Sweet Shrimp Sauce

This looked fresh when it came to my table and I had to add some chilli sauce to this dish. I took this dish as a snack and it is a bloody good snack. You get some sweetness from the hoisin sauce and I loved the sesame seeds sprinkled on top.  Adding the chilli sauce took this snack to the next menu. I loved it and I hope that they add some different variations like adding some BBQ pork or Chinese Sausage.

Fishball noodle


I went with the dry option with chilli. Presentation-wise this was not the best. However, it tasted really nice. I loved the chilli sambal sauce they had at the bottom and the other sauces they put in there. I liked the two fishballs and the thin slices of fish cake. I quite like boiled lettuce and I loved it with the sauce. Adding all the different ingredients in this dish and this is a good alternative to their Curry Laksa.

Kaya Toast


I have known about this dish before but never have tried it. I was actually surprised to see that the yellow slap in the middle is actually butter. I like how they presented this simple dish and interesting to see there was no crust. I also loved the colour of the toast, but I thought they would have used white bread. Overall, the ratio of kaya spread to butter was really good and really nice, but I do feel that having a hot drink did make it easier to eat this dish.

Dou Sha Bao – Red Bean Paste Steamed Bun


I do like myself a red bean paste bao and was great to see one of this size. However, I was surprised to see the dark tan colour to the bao as it is usually white. I picked the wrong side of the bao to attach first as that was the side that was mainly bread. However, when I got to the red bean, it was really good and went well with the bread. The red bean paste was not too sweet and was smooth enough that it had no lumps. Overall a nice sweet bao.

Kopi O – Black Coffee


Margarine Roasted Beans, deep strong body

I was surprised by this, especially because of the crackers that came with the coffee. The coffee was nice, strong and sweet with the bitterness hardly evident. It is a thicker coffee and a lot darker than I am used to. However, it was good. Dipping the crackers into the coffee was a new experience but actually really good as it add a slight saltiness to the coffee.

Teh Tarik


Fragrant Lipton Tea, from the hills of Cameron Highlands in Malaysian

I really do like the cups they use here. The Teh Tarik was nice and warm on a coldish day but it was quite sweet which I didn’t really expect. However, it was really nice to drink and loved the crack that I dipped into the tea.

As you might be able to tell, I have been here quite a few times. I really do like the food here and a great place to get an Asian breakfast, lunch or a snack with some good Asian style coffee and tea. If Taste of Home is busy, give this place a try or just make this place your first option. Kopitiam is getting its own following and gets pretty busy especially on a Saturday.

Address: Shop 3/126 Vivian St, Te Aro, Wellington

Facebook Page: Kopitiam