Finally, Wellington has a Mac and Cheese eatery.  It has taken away but someone has decided to bite the bullet and open one on Jackson Street in Petone. The eatery has been nicely fitted. Although it is long and small, they have put in some benches that people can eat in but also takeaway. The menu, of course, is based on macaroni and cheese. They also have a burger option and toastee and some sides.

Mac N Sea


Mac with Smoked Fish, Creme Fish & Capers

These bowls are big and carry a lot of mac n cheese in them. The macaroni is mixed with a cheese sauce made from mature cheddar and mozzarella cheese and is just so good. I would have preferred a bit more seasoning in the cheese sauce. However, having the toppings made the mac n cheese pop. The amount of smoked fish was great and I loved it with the mac n cheese and then adding the capers made this bowl just so good. I really liked this dish!

Southern Mac


Mac with Southern Fried Chicken and Chipotle Sauce

The fried chicken was good and surprisingly worked with the mac n cheese. The addition of the cheese herb crumb made this a good bowl as well. The chipotle sauce is not spicy at all and adding some hot sauce made it more “Southern”.

Mac Daddy Burger


Cheese Mac, Slow Cooked Brisket, Crunchy Slow and Gravy

This burger looked awesome and looked like it would be a struggle and messy to eat. However, I picked it and just went for it. Wholly molly, this was a good burger with nice thick slices of brisket and a solid slab of a mac n cheese patty. Although it was messy the combination of flavours was so good. The fresh coleslaw and the mixture of gravy just work well with all the other ingredients in the burger. I am just holding out to when I can get it again.

The Kumara fries you order separately but I manage to get some complimentary ones which were a real bonus

Mac Bites with Creamy Rocket Dip


If you are just looking for a snack and just want something to munch on. These are the thing to order. Small bites of macaroni and cheese, crumbed and then deep-fried. Wow so good and the sauce that goes on the side of mayonnaise and rocket sauce works really well with the bites.

Overall this is a great place and uses really good quality ingredients and at a good price point. Also, they have a mac n cheese bowl of the day with it being a special lower price. I did also try the Wholy Hock A Moly and the Wholy Cow, The Whole Hock A Moly comes with large chunks of manuka smoked bacon and it was also another great bowl. The Wholy Cow has good thick slices of brisket which is really good but I really liked the combination of the gravy and mac n cheese. On the benches, there are classic condiments of salt, pepper but also hot sauce and tomato sauce. One thing I would like to see is to have a selection of different hot sauces that really get the taste buds going.

Address: 145 Jackson St, Petone, Lower Hutt 5012

Instagram: Wholy Mac