International Ramen house has recently opened in Melbourne and I thought I would give it a try and see what it is like. I arrived just before the dinner rush and was surprised to see how slow they were trying to allocate tables to guests. You have to wait outside before you get a table and there were numerous tables free but you still have to wait. I was also surprised to see how young all the servers were. They all seemed like University students and no one over 23 allocating tables or serving customers.

Shiromaru Motoaji


IPPUDO’s original creamy tonkotsu broth, signature secret dashi, thin straight noodles, pork loin chashu, bean sprouts, flavoured black fungus, spring onions

This looked good. The broth was very tasty and had some really nice deep flavours in the soup. Obviously, the broth had been made for some time due to flavour profiles. I asked that the ramen be cooked medium and had a nice little bite to them. There was a good amount of ramen and if you want more you can pay one dollar to get some more as long as you have some soup leftover. The cahshu was good and too salty to eat it as just one slice so I ended up tearing some of the pork and ate it with the ramen. The black fungus was good and I did like the amount spring onions but did wish there were some more. Overall, a really nice bowl of ramen.

Goma Q


Lightly Pickled Cucumber with Garlic Seasame Oil

I decided to order this as I needed to eat some vegetables and I also wanted something different. Yes, it is basically raw pickled cucumber but it was totally good. I loved the garlic sesame oil and loved the sesame and other elements on top of the cucumber.

Overall this place served some good food and I liked all the dishes I ordered. Once I had ordered, all the food came out relatively fast. A good place to eat rame. However, I would suggest trying either Hakata Gensuke Ramen or Shujinko on Russel Street.

Address: QV Shopping Centre, 18/300 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Website: Ippudo