Only discovered about Nicoletta’s recently and I seem to keep going back. It is a nice little cafe that offers a lot of different baked goods from pastries, doughnuts, pies and different kinds of pizza. Although it is small it packs quite a punch.

Tried a few different doughnuts her and loved every one of them. They were both nice and light and not too sweet or overly creamy. The vanilla custard is the more traditional option and is real good but if you want a better one go for the chocolate custard cream. They change their flavours from what I can tell and also have vegan options if you are that inclined.

Nicoletta’s also makes cruffins. I was actually surprised at how flaky the pastry was and how crisp the edges were. I really liked the Nutella spread inside and although I thought it may have been too rich it worked really well.

I was disappointed with the custard-filled croissant. I do like the idea of a croissant filled with custard cream but it just didn’t grab me like the other items I tried. I would have liked the croissant to be a bit more crisp, buttery and fluffy. Just more like a croissant.

Finally, the blueberry danish. It looked good and it tasted good. I loved the amount of custard in it as I do judge a danish by the amount of custard on or in it. The pastry was really good but I loved how there was this blueberry jam underneath the custard and fresh blueberries on top of the danish. A real winner.

Nicoletta’s also make pizzas and pies and are open on some evenings as a pizza joint. The Margaretta looked really good but I did feel a bit let down by it. There was no fresh basil on top the base just didn’t do it for me. I loved the tomato base and how uneven the pizza was cooked but it just didn’t grab me. They of course have different flavours including specials of different toppings on the pizzas.


Overall, a nice little bakery in Miramar that punches well above its weight. The doughnuts are really good and can be found in some stores in the city like Pour & Twist. For me, I would go there if I was looking for afternoon to either eat there with friends or takeaway to someone’s house. There are other places in Wellington to get a better pizza. However, if you want to have pizza in the Eastern Suburbs this is the place to beat.

Address: 12 Park Road, Miramar, Wellington

Facebook Page: Nicoletta’s Bakery & Pizzaria