Mulan and I decided to go out for lunch and use the Wellington Advent Calendar to get a two for one deal at the relatively new Panhead on Tory Street. I walked past a few times and didn’t honestly know if there was really a kitchen connected to this place as the old occupier ZUMO coffee didn’t serve any hot food and if there was any room. I knew they had to serve food as they were serving alcohol but didn’t know what type of food.

I soon discovered that the food matched the Panhead Brewery in Upper Hutt and they served Barbeque type food and some typical bar snacks. The menu isn’t extensive but it doesn’t need to be and I think everyone can find something there to eat.

Mulan and I decided to share what we were going to eat for lunch. The food looked really appetising and presented really well. We ordered the Rueben Sandwich and the Pork Belly with Mac’n’Cheese. The Rueben sandwich was alright, nothing special to write home about. I would have appreciated it to be thicker with more Corn Beef and I did wonder where the sauerkraut was. The Pork Belly was again OK with the Pork Belly being a bit too difficult to eat as the crackling was chewy and in places the pork was too dry to eat. The Mac’n’Cheese accompaniment was average as was the garlic bread.

Unfortunately, this place does not compare to its older sibling Pan Head Brewery in Upper Hutt. Upper Hutt has good beer and good food, great outdoor area. Tory Street has good service, the beer is the same and has outdoor seating as per Upper Hutt but the food was really average and nothing to be excited about. I would go if you want a good drink and even sit outside. but if you want food there, there are many other places to go eat in that area of the city. Also, I feel this was a huge lost opportunity especially as due to their promotion with the Wellington Advent Calendar.

Address: 1 Tory Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011

Facebook Page: Panhead Tory Street