I was watching some Youtube videos about Singapore and food and noticed that Mikey Chen from his Youtube channel Strictly Dumpling had just visited Singapore and he did a video about visiting Colony. I was interested and decided to book a table and see what this buffet is all about.

Colony is the Buffet restaurant connected to the Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore. There is a dress code of semi-casual, with men needing to wear long pants and shirts. However, when I arrived there were people there for lunch just in a shirt and shorts. I wore pants and a polo shirt but felt slightly overdressed as there were people just wearing a t-shirt and shorts, but I suppose you dress for the weather outside and because it is lunchtime, not a dinner sitting.


The layout of this place is huge. Right in the front is the Dessert Station. Then towards the back, there is the cold meats and salad section and then right at the back in its own room is where are the hot food is cooked. I suppose it is in its own room so all the smells don’t go out into the high ceiling dining hall (smart thinking). Also, there is a freshly made juice station and a fruit station.

There are so many different stations, you really have no idea where to begin. I decided to do a walk around first and get the lay of the land. I started off in the Sushi Station and may it was loaded with all different kinds of high-quality seafood and I loved that they had real wasabi where you could see the grated radish. I then headed to the seafood station, loaded with prawns, clams, scallops, crawl fish, tiger prawns and crab claws. I couldn’t believe the selection but petty there were no oysters.

I then decided to get some hot food and had some dim sims which were ok as I have had better. The roast meats station was great and I really liked the Hainanese chicken and the roast duck. They cut it for you fresh and also they don’t give you any bones. The laksa and ramen station was really cool. Where they cook to order. I had some laksa and “dam” it was good. I finally went to the Indian and Chinese station and thought the tandoori chicken was OK but really liked the Fried Chicken Wings coated with Salted Egg. It was unbelievable.  I wanted to try more but I just couldn’t if I wanted some dessert.

The dessert station was unbelievable including location and European desserts. I have to say the Singapore/Malay desserts were better than the European ones. I loved the firm jelly texture they have and also the coconut inside the dessertds. The station was also very cool, with cheese from all over Europen. Some were to my liking and others just to rich or strong for me. Likely I had some tea with me to wash it down. There was also gelato on offer and a lollies station but I just couldn’t fit anymore.

Overall, a really great dining experience with exceptional service. I loved how the fresh fruit juices were included and so many to choose from including Pineapple, Orange, Apple, Mango Tea, Lemon and Barley and the list went on. I think overall, the cold food is the best, with some good hot selections available or my palette just prefers eating the more expensive types of food. For $72 dollars including service tax, it is well worth it. We deliberately went for lunch because it was cheaper and we knew that then we didn’t have to eat dinner, so it was worth it. I also spoke to several of my ride-share drivers and they all suggested that I try the place out and they all said it was the best in town. Finally, I  recommend that you book beforehand so you don’t miss out

Address: 7 Raffles Ave, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia, Singapore 039799

Website: Colony