My Singapore adventure begins! I did some research and found out some places I should visit and also what types of dishes I would like to try. Although Fried Carrot Cake is not on the top of the list. The dish excited me and I discovered one of the top 10 recommended places that make this dish was only two minutes from my Hotel, so I decided to head down at 7.30am and have it for breakfast.

I was surprised to see actually how busy the Hawker centre was so early in the morning, but I suppose people need to eat their breakfast and quite a few Singaporeans don’t even cook as food at Hawker Centres are so cheap. Likely this place was not too hard to find and there was not even a line when I arrived but once I had received my order it was already seven people deep.

You can only order two dishes at this stall, either the White Fried Carrot Cake of the Dark Carrot Cake, so I decided to order both in the small size and got them both for $5.50.

The White Fried Carrot Cake was really fluffy from the egg that everything is cooked in. The Fried Cake is not dense and is actually also quite fluffy. I think they turn in the Daikon into a paste and then steam and then fry it with all the other ingredients. The Older man that fried the cake put chilli into my cakes and added a nice little kick to the dish.

The Dark Fried Cake (which was 50 cents more expensive) had dark soy sauce added to it and was sweeter and had a bit more flavour. Everything else was the same as both are cooked in the same massive woks.

Overall, a great dish to start my Singapore adventure. Also, loved having it for breakfast and gave me the energy to walk around Singapore for the whole day and a super cheap meal.

Address: Address: 270 Queen Street, #01-59, Singapore 180270 Queen St, Singapore 180270