Discovered that one of the highly recommended places that make Murtabak was really close to my Hotel in Burgis that I decided to give it a try. I have never had Murtabak and was interested to give it a try.

When you walk up to the eatery, people outside will encourage you to come in even though this place gets really busy apparently. Downstairs looks a bit more rustic but they told me to head upstairs where it is more comfortable and was air-conditioned which was a great relief.

The service is not that great here, but the food comes fast. Also, there are no prices on the menu for the Murtabak or Biryani so I wondered if there is a local price vs a tourist price or a price difference if you eat upstairs vs downstairs.

When the food arrived which was pretty fast, the servings were quite big but I wanted to try one of the Murtabak and the Biryani that I ordered them both to see what they were like. I ordered the Beef Biryani and I have to say, I was really impressed that rice was really flavoursome and had some good heat to it. The beef which was hidden in the dish was also really good, flavoursome and tender and I loved adding the dipping sauce/curry sauce that came with it, which added even more heat.


With the Murtabak, I ordered the Chicken and later discovered that I got the small one, which I still didn’t manage to finish. As I said, I have never tried it before, and I have nothing to compare it to. However, it was really good, especially with the side of curry sauce (which differed to the biryani curry sauce) and the sweet and tangy sauce that was on top of the raw cucumber. The bread was not too doughy and quite light and the chicken was really nice inside. One thing I didn’t really like were the big slices of onion that was with the chicken, but overall very good.

As this is an Indian – Muslim eatery the food here is halal. The meal here was quite cheap and discovered the pricing on their website. Also, it is great that there is an air-conditioning otherwise I don’t think I could have managed to eat the food in the heat and humidity from the outside and the kitchen. Overall, a great experience and a great way to eat if you are in the Kampong Gam area of Singapore.

Address: 697-699 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198675

Website: Zam Zam Restaurant