One of the great thing about Singapore as that their servings of food are relatively small or they are cheap that you can sample so many different foods. Also, with the amount of walking to get to each place in the heat, I don’t feel so guilty trying all these different places out.

I really do like a Kway Teow but this place makes a Kway Teow Mee which has rice noodles and egg noddles. They only make this dish and you can ask for an extra egg or extra cockles. I added either and asked for hot. The line was long but it moved at a pace with the chef cooking a huge amount of noodles feeding at least 15 servings.


The noodles were really good, although the noodles had no bite to them and they were really soft. The flavours were really good, however, and I loved the fish cake in there as well. I was not a fan of the cockles and ended up leaving them on the plate. The chilli was unfortunately non-existent but noodles overall were really good. For four dollars this plate is a steal.

Address: 531A Upper Cross St, #02-17