Next step on my Singapore food adventure is to have some char siu and roast pork. I really do like my roast meats and was excited to give this place a try. I have heard about this place from the Youtube channel Strictly Dumplings and wanted to give this place a try.

I ordered both the char siu and the roast pork with a boiled egg and you get some soup as well. The soup was quite sweet and was definitely made with cabbage.   The chilli sauce they make was great and I loved it with the roast meats. The roast pork had a nice crisp skin to it and not too overpowering in flavour. The char siu had a nice crisp skin to it due to the sugar content in the marinade. It was nice and tender and went really with the dark sweet sauce and the chilli sauce. I poured both the sauce on top of the rice to allow it to soak it in and then added some egg with the roast meats and it was good.


Address: 51 Old Airport Rd, #01-121, Singapore 390051

Facebook Page: Roast Paradise