I didn’t intend to try a Hokkien Mee stall, but one of my friend’s teenage son (who lives in Singapore) said that I had to try one. I didn’t have the best of experiences with the Fried Oyster dish that I wanted to try and end my last meal in Singapore with a thumbs up.

So I walked to a Hawker store close to Pandang Glam that had a Hokkien Mee stall that was rated highly via Google. I don’t think any tourist go to this place unless you read the food guides as there were only Chinese Singaporeans eating in the hawker centre.


I decided to order the medium which only cost $5, which I thought was a steal even more so when I saw what was on the plate. They also added extra chilli sauce to my dish and I loved how they put a whole fresh lime on the dish. However, when I ate it. I was blown away. This dish was phenomenal. I loved the flavours, the egg, prawns, squid, the egg and rice noodles, the fresh lime and the chilli sauce. This was just so good and a great way to end my holiday in Singapore

Address: 861 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198783

Facebook Page: Hoe Hokkien Mee