So my friends gave me a few options on where to have lunch in Causeway Bay. We nailed down ramen and then I had two options either have ramen with soup or have ramen with a thick broth. As I have had quite a bit of ramen, I decided to go have the option with the thick broth which was Tsukemen Mitaseimenjo.

We also decided to order the Tsukemen. However, an interesting thing about this place. You have four options on how much ramen you can have. You can have a small, medium or a large amount of ramen which is all the same price or you can go for an extra-large which is slightly more expensive and get around 350 grams of ramen. My mate persuaded me to join him and get the extra-large while the other only got large. His argument, you don’t know how hungry you are so you just pay slightly more and if you can’t finish it, then don’t.

The Tsukemen arrived and it was a large amount of Ramen. It also came with some bamboo shoots, char siu and a Japanese Egg. In the broth, you got this really thick broth with some nori up top, fish powder and some pieces of very tender pork at the bottom.

There is no real classy way to eat this, so they provide a bib, which was fantastic. You get some ramen, dipped in the heavy broth and slurp away. This was brilliant and awesome at the same time. All European food etiquette out the window and just slurping to your heart’s content. This Tsukemen was fantastic. The broth was nice and thick and made of Pork and Fish and wasn’t actually too salty. The ramen was cooked fantastically and everything else was good and complimented the broth well.

I didn’t manage to finish my bowl of noodles and did feel slightly guilty as I was wasting food. The food was really good and came out really fast. We got a table just before 12 and when we left there was a life outside. So everything worked out really well.

‘Address: 11-31 Tang Lung St, Bowrington

Website: Tsukemen Mitaseimenjo